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Dr. Ronda  "The Community Cultivator"

C3 for Coworking Spaces

Coworking space owners and managers tend to have two questions when it comes to running the space: 

(1) How can I sell more memberships?

(2) How can I add more revenue streams?

The Integrated Life Company is proud to have partnered with

Dr. Ronda Vaughn - "The Community Cultivator" to offer a program that helps solve those two very important issues.

Dr. Ronda is the founder of the C3 program which now has over 25 chapters across the country (the pilot launch was actually in a coworking space). This specialized training teaches business owners how to change their mindset and harness the power of collaboration and relationship capital to organically increase sales.

It's not an exaggeration to say that the C3 methodologies and mindset are the perfect solution to the sales and marketing needs of a coworking space - particularly for those who are looking to not only increase their own profitability but also be a leader in transforming the local economy.

C3 touches on several pertinent topics including identifying ideal clients, the red velvet rope philosophy, how to talk about yourself and your space, collaboration and strategic relationship building, and much more. 

By completing the C3 course, you not only will be armed with the tools you need to improve your space's sales and marketing efforts, you'll also become certified to lead your own C3 chapter in your coworking space which becomes an additional revenue source and marketing tool from day one.

"I started working with Dr. Ronda a few years into owning my own coworking space. Like many owners, I was overwhelmed with growing a business from the ground up and I was lacking a system to grow my sales. I was frustrated with wasted ad spending and not knowing what I was doing when it came to growing my memberships.  

The methodologies that I learned from Dr. Ronda as part of C3 changed the course of my entire business and I continue to learn both from her and the community of fellow C3 members.

It became clear that the C3 training was the perfect fit for coworking space owners, not only would it help sell memberships, but it also helps boost the entire local entrepreneurial ecosystem and offers an additional revenue stream for spaces with very little time requirement.

It's a win win win scenario and I'm thrilled to be able to partner with Dr. Ronda to offer a specialized version of this training to coworking space owners. Please reach out today for information on our upcoming trainings."


-Brandon Still

The Integrated Life Company


Brandon Still - Founder of Integrated Life

A quick look at the benefits of joining us for a C3 Training Course designed specifically with coworking space owners and managers in mind:

- a proven, step by step system for growing sales

- increased membership sales

- increased visibility for you and your space

- positive impact on the entire local business community

- increased attendance at events and workshops

- opportunity for $1,000s of dollar in additional monthly revenue

- access to a network of other coworking space owners

- access to the private Book Yourself Solid network

- access to Dr. Ronda and Brandon Still to directly answer your   coworking space questions

- position yourself as a local expert in business growth 

We are currently planning and hosting trainings across the United States, please use the contact form to get more information about training sessions in your area or to discuss setting up a training course near you!

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