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transformational popup music experiences

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photocredit Ilze Lucero Photogarphy - Artist Bill Arnold

Wiltsie's is more than a's a movement. We host "transformational pop up music experiences" that celebrate original music.


Simply put, we turn unexpected places into amazing music venues and fill them with live, local, original music for a show experience that is intimate, unique, and unforgettable.

From small, 20-30 person listening room shows, to concerts that bring in several hundred people, when you attend a Wiltsie's event you know that you are going to hear world class music brought to you in an amazing setting.

For the most up to date listing of our upcoming shows, please visit our Eventbrite Page to see available tickets.


photocredit Ilze Lucero Photogarphy - Artist Erin Zindle


Today, Wiltsie's continues the legacy of celebrating local, original music with popup shows, special events, videos and more. Tickets to all public shows are sold via Eventbrite. 

Be sure to double check the location of your event, because you never know where Wiltsie's might popup.

We'd like to offer a special acknowlegment and thanks to the people who helped make Wiltsie's all that it is today including: Paul Angelini, Jackie Pappas, Emma Davis-Donnay, Jim Rawlings, Jamie Marvin, Andrew Bowmaster & Passive Mission Productions, Bill Arnold, Mike and Angie Ward, Kendal Penny - Petzold, the Powder Mill Ramblers, and the man who has attended almost everyshow since day 1, David Delasko. 

Wiltsie's came to life for the first time in February 2020. Initially called, "After Hours" the night featured local musican Jackie Pappas and the small coworking space that hosted the event saw over 50 people jammed together to enjoy the show. 

In the unprecendented times that followed, one thing remained constant, people craved music and connection. After several iterations based on the presiding rules and regulations of the times, Wiltsie's emerged in 2021 as a popup listening room in downtown Clarkston. 


Over the years that followed Wiltsie's hosted songwriter circles, Open Mics, Brewery Tours, Festivals, and even distributed grants to local musicians.  


photocredit Ilze Lucero Photogarphy - Artist Matt Bastardson

To get an idea of our shows and the type of music we feature, we'd encourage you to head to our YouTube Page

where you can see videos from our shows as well as featured videos of perfomers past, present and future.

While you're at it, be sure to give us a follow on social media to get up to date announcements on shows. And if you really want to be the first to know when anything new is happening, follow us on Eventbrite with your email and you'll get notified as soon as we add any new events.

Lastly, we'd love it if you checked out your favorite Wiltsie's performers on streaming platforms, bandcamp, social media, etc and give them a follow and support. Likes, comments, shares, it all helps and goes a long way.


Live, original, local music is a tough industry. It's tough for the musicians and it is tough for the venues. Tough though it may be, it's also worth it and supporting this music is a team effort between artists, venues, promoters and audiences. 

Unfortunately, this year several original music mainstays were forced to shut their doors. As fans, we'd implore you to continue to search out small venues that host ticketed events. They may be smaller and harder to find, but it's worth it to keep the local music scene alive. 


Places like Trinity House, 20 Front Street, The Ark, The Foundry, The PLAT, Homegrown Brewery, Red Lantern Concerts, The Lark and many more are working hard to promote great music and your support makes a huge difference.



Thank you for visiting Wiltsie's, we hope to see you soon!

please email us at with any questions

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