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Why UNPLUGGED? Because operating, growing, and working in a small business or organization is tough and you need an opportunity to invest in yourself personally and professionally and to enjoy doing it.

Right from the start, we'd like to let you know UNPLUGGED is not for everyone. And if it's not for you - that's alright!

It's a hard event to succinctly sum up or label with a genre. It's like a folk music festival where the rock stars are amazing business owners who are sharing their knowledge and experiences instead of songs. It's a place where business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders can kick off their shoes and come together to learn, to build new relationships, to deepen existing relationships, and to invest in themselves and their own wellness and success.

It's unplugged because you get the opportunity to disconnect from the rest of the world for a moment and be present with a group of truly amazing people who are all working on themselves and their businesses. We aren't just unplugged from our daily distractions, we are unplugged from titles, from credentials, we are unplugged from the pressure and stress that can inhibit our growth as entrepreneurs and as individuals. And it's in being unplugged like this that we find ourselves actually getting more connected and discovering new ways to grow personally and professionally.

Ok, great, but what is it? UNPLUGGED is a business retreat for business owners, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, community leaders, and anyone looking to network and grow professionally. The retreat features an entire day of education, seminars, hands-on workshops, presentations, and networking activities. Unlike other retreats you may have been to, the day also includes wellness activities like yoga, hiking, sound healing, and meditation. There's exceptional food prepared onsite by local chefs. And we come together to end the evening around a bonfire with live music. For those interested, there's the opportunity to camp out with other attendees and speakers for the night and depart the next morning after coffee, bagels, and an inspirational closing presentation.

And! It all takes place on over 40 acres of picturesque woods and pastures, surrounded by nature, horses, water, and (in case of inclement weather) 4 beautifully appointed lodges.

If you attend the retreat, you'll walk away having spent hours listening to incredibly successful business owners teaching you how they've grown their businesses, sharing the pitfalls and successes they've had along the way. Should you choose, you can participate in hands on workshops that dive into specific issues you might be having. Or you can drop in on a gentle yoga session, take a guided hike, or even bring a hammock and enjoy a nap (when's the last time you could do that?).

Regardless of what scheduled activities you choose to fill your day with, the single greatest takeaway is likely to be the relationships you create with everyone around you. Since last year's UNPLUGGED retreat, we've watched as attendees have gotten together to launch new ventures, have collaborated, have supported each other's events, and worked together to become more successful. This event is about stripping away the barriers that stop us from connecting authentically in the "real world" and creating meaningful relationships that help us achieve our professional and personal goals.

In the coming months, we will be sharing more about our speakers, the schedule of the day, overnight accommodations, incredible special offers for attendees, and much more. But if you think UNPLUGGED is for you, we highly recommend securing your spot by purchasing your tickets or reaching out today to learn more. While we have moved to a larger venue this year due to high demand, we are still working with capacity limits and we are anticipating a sell-out event.

If you are unsure if this is your sort of thing we highly encourage you to reach out to someone who has attended or spoken at past events to get their take. Ultimately, if you'd love to spend a day outside, learning, networking, exploring, hiking, eating, relaxing, and growing alongside similarly minded business professionals in blue jeans and t-shirts (shoes optional), this is the place for you and we'd love to have you join us for UNPLUGGED 2024.


June 8th

at Narrin Farms, Ortonville, MI

Please reach out if you are traveling and would like assistance setting up overnight accommodations for Friday, June 7th. Those flying are encouraged to fly into Detroit Metro Airport or Flint Bishop Airport - we are happy to help arrange carpooling from the airports with other attendees.


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